Green Coffee

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Origin Region Acidity/Body Details Certifications Price per pound
Central America Colombia Medium acidity, Medium body. Smooth and nutty with a rich body and light citrus notes. Fair trade, Organic $12
Central America Guatemala Med acidity, Medium-heavy body. Notes of bittersweet chocolate and a long smooth finish Fair trade, Organic $12
Central America Mexico Medium acidity, Medium-light body. Light and sweet with notes of citrus and a subtle caramel flavour. Fair trade, Organic $12
Central America Nicaragua Medium acidity, Medium body. Light bodied and citrusy acidity and a nutty caramel sweetness. Fair trade, Organic $12
Honduras Cafe Solar Medium acidity, Medium body. Notes of sweet toffee and light fruit, with a syrupy body. Fair trade, Organic $12
Central America Peru Decaf Medium acidity, Medium body. A light-textured decaf green coffee with notes of dry earth and a caramel sweetness. Fair trade, Organic, Swiss Water Processed $13.50