Our Green Coffee

See below for a current list of our certified Fair Trade and Organic arabica green coffee beans. We’ll update this list on a weekly basis (every Saturday).

Please be aware that you cannot purchase these green coffees directly on our website at this time. To purchase green beans from us, please drop by our cafe at 2 Matilda St, or send us your order via email and we’ll follow up asap (info@merchantsofgreencoffee.com). We can ship our green beans anywhere in Canada.

Origin Region Acidity/Body Details Certifications Price per pound
Ethiopia Keffa Medium-high acidity, Med-low body. Light citrus and nutty notes with an earthy body. Fair trade, Organic $12
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Medium-high acidity, Med-low body. Winey and wild with floral, blueberry and citrus notes. Long, smooth finish. Fair trade, Organic $12
Ethiopia Sidamo Medium-high acidity, Med-low body. Earthy, light citrus notes with subtle blueberry finish. Fair trade, Organic $12
Central/North America Mexico (Decaf) Medium-high acidity, Low-medium body. Toasted corn/nuts and citrus. Fair trade, Organic, Swiss Water Processed $13.50
South America Peru (Decaf) Medium acidity, Medium body. Gentle, sweet, caramel, mild fruit blend. Fair trade, Organic, Swiss Water Processed $13.50