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Coffee School 2019

Coffee education is a cornerstone of our company and we’ve been committed to offering unbiased coffee information for over a decade.

Tickets to our coffee school lectures cost $50/person per class and must be purchased in advance in order to reserve a seat. All of our coffee school classes are held in our cafe.

Spring/Summer Coffee School Schedule

*New dates will be published here on January 1, 2019

Green Beans 101
Tracing coffee tree to cup, this class covers the origin of green coffee, its circumnavigation of the globe, its social & environmental impacts, processing, trade, innovations in production, and coffee’s supply chain from a green (or raw) product standpoint.

Next Session: Spring/Summer 2019 (TBD)

Art of Roasting
Our discovery of the naturally sweet taste of fresh-roasted coffee is the foundation of this class, which covers the science, history, and technology behind coffee roasting. In this session we also demonstrate a variety of methods for roasting coffee at home.

Next Session: Spring/Summer 2019 (TBD)

Alchemy of Brewing
The focus of this class is the science behind brewing coffee, starting with the fundamental principles of extraction and ending in a deeper exploration into the application of these principles. In this session we also demonstrate a variety of popular brewing methods and equipment while examining their pros and cons.

Next Session: Spring/Summer 2019 (TBD)

Cupping & Tasting
This class is akin to a wine tasting, but for coffee! We start by explaining how a coffee’s value and grade is determined, and what takes place inside typical coffee cupping rooms. Then we brew, taste and analyze three different fresh-roasted coffees, making notes on each one, learning to chart their acidity, body and complexity, as well as how to differentiate among the three main growing regions.

Next Session: Spring 2019/Summer (TBD)

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