Our Cafe

Cafe Location

We are located at 2 Matilda St. Toronto, ON, M4M 1L9

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-6pm

Our Unique Cafe Approach

First and foremost, we are a green coffee company specializing in premium, single-origin beans from around the world. We source exclusively arabica coffees, double-certified; Fairtrade and Organic (and have been doing so for over 20 years).

Located in an historic jam factory with a view of Toronto’s skyline, Our cafe is rustic by nature. We do everything in-house and by hand, from roasting to packaging our coffee.

We strive to define and educate on coffee freshness. Our bulk roasted coffee jars are replenished with fresh-roasted beans twice each week, and every day we roast a variety of single-origin coffees in-house for use in our cafe brews.

Our coffee is brewed fresh, each cup hand-crafted and brewed to order using our very own ACE Brewer with our Steep & Filter® brewing method (inspired by the traditional cotton coffee brewers used in many producing countries). If you’ve yet to experience truly fresh-roasted beans (no longer than 5-7 days past the date of roasting) filtered through organic cotton, then you’ll be glad you made the journey, friend.

Traditional espresso-based beverages are also on order, and we stand true to tradition crafting each one using an antique, Victoria Arduino manual espresso machine. Local, organic milk, Fairtrade cane sugar, and local honey are our standard fair. You won’t find anything artificial in our-line up.

Our Mission

Our mission is “to deliver the best-tasting coffee experience to discerning consumers through a supply chain with integrity and a unique commitment to quality” and we’ve been living it since 1994.