Our Green Coffees

The following is our most recent selection of green coffee. We order select amounts of these coffees on a weekly basis, so if you’re seeking a specific origin it’s best to place an order in advance. To place an order for pick-up or delivery, please scroll down and use the order form below. If you want your green coffee to be roasted, please specify on the form.

OriginRegionAcidity/BodyDetailsCertificationsPrice per pound
EthiopiaYirgacheffeMedium-high acidity, Medium-low body.Winey and wild with notes of citrus, vanilla and grain, and a long, floral finish.Fair trade, Organic$12
EthiopiaSidamoMedium-high acidity, Medium-low body.Bright citrus acidity with notes of dry earth and a clean finish.Fair trade, Organic$12
PeruPenachiMedium acidity, Medium body.Smooth silky texture with notes of dry earth, nuts and caramel.Fair trade, Organic$12
HondurasCafe SolarMedium acidity, Medium body.A syrupy body with subtle toffee, nut and earth notes and a gentle green acidity. This is our flagship sustainable coffee; dried with solar-energy and produced by women in Honduras!Fair trade, Organic$12
South AmericaColombiaMedium acidity, Medium body.Smooth and nutty with a rich body and light citrus notes.Fair trade, Organic$12
Central AmericaMexicoMedium acidity, Medium-light body.Light and sweet with notes of citrus, nuts, and earth with a subtle caramel sweetness.Fair trade, Organic$12
Central AmericaGuatemalaMedium acidity, Medium-heavy body.Notes of bittersweet chocolate and a long smooth finish.Fair trade, Organic$12
East AsiaSumatraMedium-low acidity, Heavy body.Clean, deep and earthy with hints of dark fruit.Fair trade, Organic$12
East AsiaPapua New GuineaMedium-low acidity, Heavy body.Clean, deep and earthy with hints of dark fruit and nuts.Fair trade, Organic$12
Cascadia DecafBlend of Ethiopia, Indonesia, Honduras and PeruMedium acidity, Medium body.Light and sweet with a mild acidity and notes of earth and chocolate.Fair trade, Organic, Swiss Water Processed$13.50