The “Ace” of Coffee Brewers

For over a decade, we've been developing and using this simple setup to brew our signature rich and sweet-tasting black cups of "Merchants Method" black coffee. We've always referred to our beloved little tool as the "coffee spring" and our process for brewing "steep & filter"—simply because we felt they were the most natural terms [...]

We’ve Named Our Cafe and We’re Expanding the Production of Cafe Solar®

Today marks a special day in our history as we announced the official name of our cafe, along with our partners; the Mesoamerican Development Institute, who announced some exciting plans for the expansion of our flagship coffee program. May we now welcome you to Merchants' Restoration Cafe! Our cafe is meant to be the place [...]

Official Cafe Soft Launch Coming Soon!

Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay Today is considered “International Coffee Day”, but don’t worry if you weren’t aware because no one seems to know its real origin. The concept has been promoted on different days in different countries—the earliest record being Japan in 1983. Just three years ago, the International Coffee Organization agreed to the first official recognition [...]

Our Holiday Wish? To Sell 44,000lbs of Cafe Solar as quickly as possible!

Around here, we're calling it a Christmas miracle! As of today, the new Cafe Solar harvest is here in our shop, and we couldn't be more excited to bring this supremely sustainable Honduran coffee to market. The container endured one of the longest modern voyages of any coffee, and now that climate change coffee is [...]