Green Business

An Environmental Approach to Coffee

Our guiding company principals are fresh coffee, fair trade, green business.

Green business is about operating in a way that’s open and transparent while always actively seeking to enrich and evolve both our environment and ourselves.

There is no more time for excuses. We consumers need to take full responsibility for our daily choices and environmental impact. Be good to the earth, be good to ourselves.

Cafe Solar®; the Pinnacle of Coffee Quality and Sustainability

For the past 20 years, we’ve been busy helping build a model for sustainable coffee production. The result is our flagship coffee, Cafe Solar®.

This coffee’s sustainable supply chain includes clean, solar-powered coffee processing, Integrated Open Canopy (IOC) coffee farms, organic growing conditions, and women management of the entire coffee production.

Cafe Solar® is a partnership program, and our partners include both the women-managed Cafe Solar® coffee cooperative and the Mesoamerican Development Institute (NGO responsible for engineering the solar coffee-drying technology and establishing the IOC coffee farms).

Learn about how IOC coffee farms are restoring biodiversity in Honduras and helping establish biological corridors: