Today, We Rebuild

Our website was hacked and so, out of necessity, we’re rebuilding it. Starting here. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and it’s a concept we’re all too familiar with.

In this new phase of our online existence, we’re inviting you to follow along with our website rebuild in real time. Yes, you read correctly, we’re going to reinvent and rebuild our website right in front of literally everyone. (We’ll be blogging about it along the way too).

This website will enable us to execute on a few things we’ve been really, and we mean really, meaning to get around to; like ongoing, up-to-date coffee education, supply chain information and news about our businesses activities.

This is not the first Merchants of Green Coffee website nor will it be the last, but it’s very likely to be one of historical significance considering the culmination of forces that has landed us here at our current coordinates. We approach the future with burning motivation and an acute sense of direction. Today marks the beginning of an exciting new course.

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