Occasional Occupational Update: Flu Season

When you’re a small brick-and-mortar business trying to establish a web presence with few resources (a.k.a one person spearheading the entire website rebuild) something as teeny and insignificant as a common flu bug can wreak havoc on progress.

But the show must go on! And so I find myself reporting to you from bed, where one might guess it was December judging by the snowy white dusting of facial tissues surrounding me and the sheer the number of layers I have on.

Flu Season Forecast

Flu season in North America typically starts up in October, peaks in December, and and then carries on well into March. In a way, I guess it’s good I’m hit early because during these months I’m forecasting a spike in barista sick days and the need to be  prepped with a steady supply of good, organic chicken broth. Rowe Farms Leslieville, I am so glad we are neighbours.

Back to School (and Work)

For those who aren’t experiencing this early onset of flu, it’s either back to the books or the office; which, in these days, could be literally anywhere including our very own cafe. (By the way, much ❤️ to our regulars who have made our cafe a home away from home and thank you for keeping us company all summer long too!)

We anticipate that Merchants Cafe will start getting busier every day from mid-September until Christmas and you can bet that we’ll be up to our usual; training new staff, running around trying to keep our big ol’ warehouse clean, and frantically adding new seating to accommodate all the hot, fresh bottoms 😘

What’s New This Fall?

1. Our first shipment of coffee springs has arrived!

As many of you know, this is a coffee brewing tool we invented and have been testing and refining with our steep and filter brewing process for 20 years now. This latest batch of coffee springs relects our final design tweaks and we’ll be launching the product with an exciting new retail package in the months to come.

2. We opened a new cafe & fresh coffee pick-up spot in Liberty Village! 



We named it “Au Lait Cafe” and this new shop doubles as both a west-end MGC coffee pick-up spot and a means of celebrating milk-based coffees that use sustainably sourced dairy. A brand new cafe & farm store concept, this Liberty Village cafe serves the same fresh coffee with #mgcbeansinside + uses and will eventually retail locally sourced organic milk and other dairy products. And if that doesn’t work out we’ll turn it into a ping pong emporium 😉 (Located at 125 Jefferson Ave. Toronto, ON)

3. This year’s harvest of Cafe Solar; Climate Change Coffee is on the water and headed for our warehouse!

For those who are unfamiliar with Cafe Solar, it is our flagship coffee program aimed at combating coffee’s impact on climate change. Few people are aware that 3 sq.cm of forest is destroyed for every cup of coffee consumed due to conventional coffee processing that’s fuelled by wood-burning dryers.

Cafe Solar is our answer to this issue: it’s the very first coffee to replace wood-burning dryers with sustainable off-grid solar-powered dryers, and is not only saving trees from being cut down but is also adding much-needed protected forest corridors to its growing region in Honduras.

Certified Fair Trade, certified Organic and produced by a women’s coffee cooperative, this new harvest of Cafe Solar is set to hit our shelves in the fall and packs an outstanding flavour profile that makes for a perfect cup of I-could-definitely-see-myself-drinking-this-every-day-and-saving-the-world.

Stay Tuned

We’ll have more details coming on all of these exciting new happenings at Merchants of Green Coffee, but for now this has been MGC’s Communications Director, reporting from thermal pajamas … Goodnight 😴

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Customer Care & Information Safety

First thing’s first, we want to take care of our existing online customers and quell any worries regarding personal info being jeopardized by this recent website debacle.

All Personal Information is Safe

Our last website was built using a combination of a self-hosted WordPress blog and a separate e-commerce platform. The WordPress blog is the component that was mysteriously erased this past month, but we still maintain complete control of our e-commerce database and this is the only place where any customer information is stored.

Our e-commerce database contains our online sales; which means that all customer accounts, recent and past orders remain on lock 🔐

The safety of personal information and the protection online privacy are extremely important to us and we’ll be elaborating on these topics and our approach to them in the very near future.

If You Still Have A Question About a Recent Online Order …

Please direct your questions to us at info@merchantsofgreencoffee.com

If You Would Like to Place An Order to be Shipped …

Please email your orders to info@merchantsofgreencoffee.com

Next Steps …

While we work on a brand new e-commerce solution behind the scenes here (so that orders can eventually be placed and processed directly via our website) we’ll be using this new WordPress blog/website to publish:

  • Our coffee list (Green beans and fresh-roasted coffees)
  • Our coffee equipment list (Exciting new about the coffee spring to come!)
  • Coffee workshop dates and details (Fall 2017 schedule is post on our IG page)
  • Detailed info about all of our products
  • Info about our cafe and cafe menu
  • Info about renting our cafe as an events space
  • Info and news about our beautiful 2 Matilda St. building
  • A blog that highlights all of our business activities

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Today, We Rebuild

Today, We Rebuild

Our website was hacked and so, out of necessity, we’re rebuilding it. Starting here. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and it’s a concept we’re all too familiar with.

In this new phase of our online existence, we’re inviting you to follow along with our website rebuild in real time. Yes, you read correctly, we’re going to reinvent and rebuild our website right in front of literally everyone. (We’ll be blogging about it along the way too).

This website will enable us to execute on a few things we’ve been really, and we mean really, meaning to get around to; like ongoing, up-to-date coffee education, supply chain information and news about our businesses activities.

This is not the first Merchants of Green Coffee website nor will it be the last, but it’s very likely to be one of historical significance considering the culmination of forces that has landed us here at our current coordinates. We approach the future with burning motivation and an acute sense of direction. Today marks the beginning of an exciting new course.

To view the complete collection of our website redesign posts, click the “Website Updates” tag at the bottom of this post. And to receive an email notification whenever we publish a new blog post, sign up via email in the sidebar titled “Follow Our Blog Via Email”.